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We are flexible in the services we offer and therefore our pricing reflects this. Please feel free to contact us directly for a quick, informal chat so we may assess which level of survey is best suited to your requirements. In all cases, we aim to provide the most cost effective solution for our customers. We offer three levels of survey as outlined below:-

Where diagnosis of moisture or water ingress is possible without the requirement for further leak detection. In many instances our technicians are able to diagnose moisture concerns via visual inspections and moisture meter surveys in combination with salt and/or water analysis. Full reports are supplied following every visit which may, for example, aid you in deciding whether or not to make a home insurance claim or help guide a property restoration project.

Diagnosis of moisture or water ingress via assessing the areas within your home.

Where our technicians suspect a pipe leak is the cause of the water or moisture damage to your property, we will undertake investigations of the pipe work using non-invasive leak detection methods (Please see ‘How we find your leak’). There are also common instances where leak detection maybe required although water damage is not evident in your property, such as where advised of a leak by either a heating engineer or your local water authority. Our aim is to locate and confirm the leak site so as to minimise damage to your property where access is required to repair the pipe.

Technicians use the latest technologies to determine any form of leak or water ingress.

When our technician has located your leak they may then proceed to access and repair the pipe. We also offer emergency plumbing repairs where immediate action is required to stop a leak in your property. Following access/excavations we always ‘make safe’ the disturbed area pending restoration by the relevant trades’ person or your home insurer.

Our technicians are fully equipped to deal with essential repairs and the tools to access areas otherwise inaccessible to the oridinary person.

Please see ‘How to contact us’ for details on how to reach us via telephone, e-mail or facebook at any time.