Our Methods

How does it all work?

How We Find Your Leak...

We take the ‘know-how’ of a plumber, add the ‘insight’ of a surveyor, in combination with the latest leak detection technologies to identify and locate leaks within your property. Our technicians have training and experience in the fields of plumbing, building surveying and property restoration. Below are some of the methods we may employ to help us conduct surveys or carry out leak detection within your property:-


Electronic Acoustic Testing of your water pipes essentially allow us to ‘listen’ for the indications of a leak. This also may include ‘ground microphone’ searches across floors or walls (all non-invasive) to aid our technicians locate your leak. In certain circumstances, an Acoustic Correlator maybe used whereby a computer interprets the ‘sounds’ made by the leaking pipe and indicates an approximate leak site location.

Acoustic - Electornic testing of water to pipes to listen for the indicaitons of a leak.
Thermal Imaging - Use of an Endoscope to determine the structural moisture or water ingress from heating and water pipes.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging – The latest thermal imaging cameras are used in a variety of ways to aid in both the identification of structural moisture or water ingress as well as leaks from heating and hot water pipes. This technology allows our technicians to map the pipes that are currently hidden from view in your property, such as under a concrete floor, and further, see where there may be leaks occurring.

Tracer Gas

Tracer Gas - This gas can be introduced into any pipe work specifically to trace down leaks. The gas cannot be smelt or seen and is both non-toxic and non-flammable. It contains very small amounts of hydrogen which, being lighter than helium floats readily upwards, passing through most porous structures (such as concrete floors, soil, brick work, etc) unhindered. This allows our technicians to use a ‘sniffing’ device combined with a sensor to accurately locate leaks otherwise hidden from view by solid structures.

Tracer Gas - Gas can be introduced into any pipe work specifically to trace down leaks.

We use many other tools to aid our surveys or leak detection including drain dyes, ‘air’ drop pressure testing, water & salt analysis and endoscopes; the technician on site will be able to best assess the method of leak detection to accurately find and fix your water leak or ingress.